> The Perils of a New England Winter

DL4-1968 Mediterranean Cruise and COC Pamphlet


Memories of USS Willis A. Lee (DL4)

> Seal Dogs
> USS Norfolk Mystery # 1
> USS Norfolk Mystery #2
> The USS Norfolk Arrives...
> Poem regarding the Wilkinson's...
> Mitscher Log '59
> Together Again...
> I Was Once A Sailor
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From a Shipmate

The following are submissions from your fellow shipmates.

The Perils of a New England Winter submitted by Lawrence Rush,
USS Willis A. Lee, DL4

DL 4-1968 Mediterranean Cruise and the CoC (Change of Command} Pamphlet.

Dave Mader, the author of DL 4-1968 Mediterranean Cruise, has submitted that and the CoC (Change of Command) Pamphlet for your review. As the files are related, you will need to download both.

CoC (Change of Command) Pamphlet is intended to be printed as a pamphlet, but this format will NOT occur if you simply select "Print" in the Print Dialog Window of the software that you will use to print it (typically, Adobe Reader). If you do so, you will get four sheets of paper with two pages (panels) on each sheet, and the panels will not be properly sequenced. To acquire the proper pamphlet layout, you must:

  • Locate and select the option to "Print on Both Sides" in the Print Dialog Window.
  • Then select "Flip on the Short Edge." (Depending on your printer and software, this option might appear after selecting the first option.)

Two sheets of paper will be printed. Stack the two sheets then fold them in half. The pamphlet will have the proper layout with its eight panels. If your printer does not have the capability to print on both sides automatically (auto-duplex), then your best bet will be to print as usual. While you can achieve the proper layout with manual two-sided printing, you will waste lots of paper and ink trying to achieve the proper orientations on the pages on the sheets of paper.

Memories of USS Willis A. Lee (DL4)


USS Norfolk Mystery #1

USS Norfolk Mystery #2

"The USS Norfolk Arrives at Havana, Cuba on 26 Feb 1958" by submitted by William Schauer, DL 1; 1957-1960.

Poem regarding the Wilkinson's (DL 5) pre-commissioning problems submitted by Bob O'Hara, DL 5

The Mitscher Log 1959--A collection of Photos

Together Again After 40 Years submitted by Mike Bugara, President, Destroyer Leader Association

I Was Once A Sailor submitted by Dick Minton, DL 1; 1958-1961.

Reunion Pictures from 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2012.